Our cloud-connected infrastructure not only delivers speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps for various applications, but we are also equipped to develop cloud-based solutions with logistics partners such as Evri, Royal Mail, and Amazon Freight. This dual capability ensures our customers benefit from seamless data and logistics mobility, enhancing both digital and physical connectivity.

Hop to Hop network

Our network design, based on connecting data centers to data centers and warehouses to warehouses, enables us to efficiently set up backbones between network hops, both locally and globally. This hop-to-hop approach ensures seamless connectivity and robust infrastructure support.

Fiber Broadband

Our fiber broadband service is a type of internet connection
that uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data, known for its
high speeds and reliability. We offer a range of packages to
suit different business needs and sizes, with speeds up to 10

24 x 7 Global support

Our global service team offers 24/7 support, capable of providing network services and technical support to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and assistance.

Cloud base application

All of our applications operate within our private cloud or on public cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Our Service

Our service focuses on providing cloud application and service node connections based in Europe and the United Kingdom. We assist customers in accessing high-speed and secure internet connections, enhancing their digital experience and operational efficiency.

Business Leased Line

We delivery stable and high speed leased line service in UK

Supply Chain data service

We specialize in providing DevOps solutions to a diverse range of logistics partners across the UK, including Evri, Royal Mail, and Amazon Shipping.

Business IoT SIM card

Supply IoT SIM card with global data coverage.

Why Us?

Supernet UK offers global insights with local UK services, ensuring fast, worldwide connectivity. We understand your needs, providing exceptional services at competitive prices, making us your ideal connectivity partner.

Our network infrastructure, based on Cisco devices, is seamlessly integrated with both global network carriers and local fibre providers. This ensures we can deliver services to you effortlessly.

We’re flexible

Supernet offers flexible and scalable cloud solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

A Cloud base company

All components of our company operate on our cloud, leveraging a virtual infrastructure to deliver real, tangible services to our customers.

24 x 7 Network Operation

Our 24/7 global operation offers comprehensive monitoring services for all our customers, ensuring round-the-clock support and oversight.

99.99% Service Level

We are committed to delivering a 99.99% service level for our services and connections, having established meshed connections with multiple network carriers across the United Kingdom.

Contact our24/7

Please reach out to our 24/7 contact center for assistance. We are currently planning to expand our global service coverage across different time zones, focusing on Asia and the UK to serve you better.

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