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Our Autonomous System Number (ASN) is 60464, underscoring our robust presence in the digital network infrastructure. Moreover, our membership with RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) signifies our commitment to contributing to the global internet governance and infrastructure development, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and service excellence. Supernet UK Limited is not just a service provider; we are a key player in shaping the future of connectivity in the UK and beyond.

We also specialize in IoT SIM card services, catering to the UK market. These SIM cards are designed to facilitate secure and seamless connectivity for mobile devices, enabling direct communication with data centres or cloud services.

Our History

Supernet UK Limited, established in London in 2020, is dedicated to advancing last-mile connectivity solutions across the United Kingdom. Our mission is to deliver the latest in last-mile connection technology, ensuring comprehensive coverage and superior service quality. Strategically located, our network node in Heathrow, London, serves as a pivotal point for our operations, enabling us to build and establish meshed connections with major fibre providers. This infrastructure allows us to offer last-mile leased line services to any address in the UK.

Our Mission

At Supernet UK Limited, our mission is to introduce cutting-edge technology across the United Kingdom, ensuring universal connectivity through both public Internet and dedicated private networks. Our focus is on delivering secure, high-speed network access, empowering every individual and business to excel in a digital-centric era. We are committed to redefining connectivity, striving for unparalleled reliability and speed that meets the demands of today’s digital landscape. Our vision is to create a future where seamless, efficient, and secure digital access is a reality for everyone in the UK, enabling the full potential of the digital age to be harnessed safely and effectively.

Our Values

Our values are rooted in being a responsible and beneficial presence within the United Kingdom. We are deeply committed to ensuring that our profits are reinvested back into the community, fostering growth and prosperity. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on continuously investing in our system’s DevOps, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in technology. Our dedication to connecting with cutting-edge technology is matched by our commitment to social responsibility, making us a company that not only advances the digital landscape but also contributes positively to the community we serve.


Meet our team

At Supernet, our team is what sets us apart from the competition. We’re a dynamic group of forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about what we do. We’re committed to building a global business with our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

Joanne Williams


Fred Buster

Director OPS

Lisa Hoffman​

Director HR

Why Us?

Supernet UK offers global insights with local UK services, ensuring fast, worldwide connectivity. We understand your needs, providing exceptional services at competitive prices, making us your ideal connectivity partner.

Our network infrastructure, based on Cisco devices, is seamlessly integrated with both global network carriers and local fibre providers. This ensures we can deliver services to you effortlessly.

We’re flexible

Supernet offers flexible and scalable cloud solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

A Cloud base company

All components of our company operate on our cloud, leveraging a virtual infrastructure to deliver real, tangible services to our customers.

24 x 7 Network Operation

Our 24/7 global operation offers comprehensive monitoring services for all our customers, ensuring round-the-clock support and oversight.

99.99% Service Level

We are committed to delivering a 99.99% service level for our services and connections, having established meshed connections with multiple network carriers across the United Kingdom.

Contact our 24/7
Customer service

In our strategic planning, we aim to establish global customer service nodes across all time zones, specifically in London, Hong Kong, and New York.

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