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We provide cyber connection crossing all layers, enhancing data movment on our network for delivery to the last-mile premises, Physically and Virtually.

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    Supernet UK Limited is at the forefront of enhancing connectivity across the United Kingdom, offering high-speed leased line services that span from Hub to Hub and Data Centre to Data Centre, covering both the mainland and islands. Expanding beyond the UK, our network also extends into the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) market, ensuring global reach and integration. Our approach includes establishing robust partnerships with a network of partners, connected through various Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) across the UK and beyond. This extensive collaboration ensures widespread coverage and unparalleled service quality, bolstering the UK’s digital infrastructure and supporting businesses in achieving seamless digital connectivity. Supernet UK Limited is dedicated to empowering the digital landscape, enabling businesses across the UK and EMEA to excel in an increasingly connected world.

    Secure business last mile connection

    Ensuring secure, reliable last-mile connections for businesses, optimizing performance and safeguarding data in the final connectivity stretch.

    Full IoT SIM card

    Global connectivity for seamless device-to-device communication.

    Global SKU movement

    We provide global SKU movement over our network

    Connecting the UK with one Supernet

    Our nationwide infrastructure ensures high-capacity, low-latency WiFi and unlimited data with complete flexibility and near-limitless capacity.




    Sign up online

    Are you tired of scouring through multiple providers to get a quote for connectivity pricing? Supernet’s online self-service portal is designed to simplify the signup process, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most – your business. Trust Supernet to provide you with an easy-to-use, efficient, and cost-effective solution for all your connectivity needs.

    Define your Goals

    Are you seeking the perfect connectivity solution for your business? Look no further than Supernet’s assisted online service – simply answer a few simple questions and we’ll provide you with a tailored recommendation that meets your unique connectivity needs.

    Sit back & Enjoy

    Supernet’s seamless integreation enables businesses to focus on their core operations with ease while ensuring optimal connectivity through business-grade fiber Leased Lines. With Supernet’s Management service, businesses can stay connected without worrying about network performance, downtime, or maintenance, allowing them to concentrate on growing and expanding their operations.

    Why Us?

    Supernet UK offers global insights with local UK services, ensuring fast, worldwide connectivity. We understand your needs, providing exceptional services at competitive prices, making us your ideal connectivity partner.

    Our network infrastructure, based on Cisco devices, is seamlessly integrated with both global network carriers and local fibre providers. This ensures we can deliver services to you effortlessly.

    We’re flexible

    Supernet offers flexible and scalable cloud solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

    A Cloud base company

    All components of our company operate on our cloud, leveraging a virtual infrastructure to deliver real, tangible services to our customers.

    24 x 7 Network Operation

    Our 24/7 global operation offers comprehensive monitoring services for all our customers, ensuring round-the-clock support and oversight.

    99.99% Service Level

    We are committed to delivering a 99.99% service level for our services and connections, having established meshed connections with multiple network carriers across the United Kingdom.

    Our Customers


    From 662 reviews


    From 662 reviews


    From 662 reviews


    "Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution for our business. It has really helped our business." "Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution for our business. It has really helped our business."

    Great customer service


    "Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution for our business. It has really helped our business."


    Our Latest News

    We are pleased to report that our Eurasua global network, spanning both terrestrial and undersea cable routes, continues to operate
    As we are in 2024, the landscape of global trading has undergone a transformative shift, marking a departure from traditional
    For Immediate Release In an era where the velocity of global trade is matched only by the volume of data


    We offer a comprehensive range of services including all-speed leased lines and last-mile connectivity solutions, along with the development of cloud-based applications. Additionally, we provide local supply chain solutions within the United Kingdom and across Europe, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

    Public WiFi 6 Giga hotspots deliver gigabit speeds, improved efficiency, and higher capacity for dense areas, enhancing user connectivity experience.

    A cloud-based application operates within a meshed network, ensuring high availability (HA) and data mirroring for resilience. All data is securely transported over a private global network, enhancing reliability and security.

    Cloud-based technology enables remote working by virtualizing company operations. Your telephone lines transition to VoIP, accounting services move online, and employees, located globally, connect securely via the internet or a private network. This setup ensures that all workers and warehouses are integrated with logistics partners, facilitating synchronized logistics services, enhancing efficiency, and supporting a distributed workforce.

    Supernet UK’s real assets lie in our unique infrastructure and network capabilities. With our own Autonomous System Number (ASN) 60464, we possess our own IP addresses, marking a significant part of our tangible assets. Our network nodes are strategically established in every data center, creating a robust framework for our operations. The connections between all data centers and our warehouses form the backbone of our network, representing our core real assets. This infrastructure sets us apart from other “cloud-based” companies, which often do not own such physical assets, highlighting our commitment to providing reliable and secure services.

    You have the option to request an address check, enabling us to determine the feasibility of installing a secure leased line service directly to your office or home. Once installation is complete, you will have the capability to connect to our cloud services over either a private network or the public internet, ensuring a secure and reliable connection tailored to your needs.

    Contact our 24/7

    Please reach out to our 24/7 contact center for assistance. We are currently planning to expand our global service coverage across different time zones, focusing on Asia and the UK to serve you better.

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